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Thursday, 10:10 pm
From the desk of "JDB"

Hello.  My name is John David Bradshaw and I'm the 55 year old father/grandfather on the cell phone in the picture above. By way of introduction, I grew up in the 60's with the Beatles revolution,  the put-a-man-on-the-moon-space-program, and the Viet Nam war. 

Can you remember Elvis singing "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog" in the 50's?  I can.
As a 7 year old, I put eight nickels in a juke box to play Elvis' "All shook up" 8 times
in a row. (It was only 5/play.) In those days a nickel would also buy a Coke in one of those little 6-ounce glass bottles.

Ah, those were the days...

Vinyl records were soon replaced by 8-track tapes and cassettes...  Cruisin' around town listening to "rock & roll" on the AM radio in my '64 Corvair Monza was cool, man!

Despite the distraction of a steady girlfriend, I managed to graduate high school in 1968 at the top of my class.

A year later, I was getting married, and Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon. 

That was 1969. 

Now fast-forward to the 90's...

Since 1995, I've been tinkering with the internet.  That's about when the World Wide Web was just getting started.  I went to one of those internet seminars and learned just enough to be dangerous.  So I came home, installed a modem on my old 486 computer and signed on to Compuserve and AOL. 

I started making money online. (You would like to be making money online, too, right?) Over the past few years, I've made thousands of dollars in various internet ventures.  I've sold Instant Info-Business CDs.  I've made money as an affiliate for some of the big name gurus.  I've sold thousands of dollars of stuff on Ebay.  I've even published several of my own ebooks and sold a few copies, too. 

In seven years online, I have learned "how to" build a web page.  I know "how to" register a domain name.  I know "how to" set up an autoresponder.  I understand how affiliate programs work.  (Some of you are asking, what are these things?  We'll get to that soon.)  I realized that through a lot of trial and error, and many late nights studying at the school of hard knocks, I had learned a lot about the internet.

Are you willing to follow 4 simple steps to start making money online?

I discovered making money online could be broken down into four simple steps.

By teaching others what I learned about making money online, by sharing just these
four simple steps, I could impact lives and change my corner of the world for the better. 

(What are the four steps? I would love to share them with you...)

I decided to help as many people as I could to start making money online.

I would help them realize their dreams of making money online.  By taking them step-by-step, from the beginning, and teaching them everything it took me seven years to learn.  Using the internet itself, I could teach my students by simply offering a free subscription to an electronic magazine, or ezine.

All a student would need is a reliable email address.  By simply entering a valid email address into a box on a form on my web page and clicking on "Join Now!", the learning process could begin.

Your presentation on making money online is so practical and easy to follow. I love the way you make it easy, without any hype. I got several good ideas that I can use right away. And, I got a good understanding of the big picture!

Thanks for taking a confusing, sometimes scary subject and making it so easy to understand."
                                                               - Lynn Ward

"Hello again, Mr. Bradshaw,

What can I say besides WOW. This course looks great, too. Just great."

                                                               - Michele

Just for the record...I'm not promising to make anyone a "millionaire".  Matter of fact, I'm not promising any more than to share with you what I know about making money online.  What you do with the information is up to you. 

I do promise to do my level best to help you in any way I can.  To understand this internet "thing".  To develop your own web business, or just to learn how to surf the web and not get lost in cyberspace.

I've been there, done that, and got the T-shirts.  Some of them, a long time ago...

If you want to learn about the internet from someone who has been around awhile, someone who won't run off and leave you in the dust, then sign up for my free ezine.
It's appropriately called:  "Making Money Online After 50"

If you too are a "boomer" or you're after 50, and you recently started receiving membership invitations to join AARP, then we probably speak the same language.

You have a knack with words that are down to earth...and said like you are talking to a friend sitting across the table from you."                                                                                                                           - Ron Wagner

I invite you to join our "Making Money Online After 50" marketing action group.  The ezine is free, and postpaid-- to any valid email address ;o)

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My Special Action Guide: "4 Steps to Making Money Online"
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P.S.  If you haven't reached your 50th birthday yet, you are still encouraged to join.  Maybe you can teach this ol' dog a new trick, or two...

John David Bradshaw
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